A Guide for Having a Great Time in Blakeney

There are so many quaint towns to visit in the UK, it can be difficult for travellers to choose which one they want to visit. One that should be near the top of the list is Blakeney. This is a small but bustling town in the region of Norfolk.

Quite often new tourists think that they will become bored quickly when visiting a small town like Blakeney. This guide is meant to change that way of thinking. It is all about knowing what one can expect when they visit Blakeney. Then it is a matter of looking forward to arriving here.

Rest and Relaxation

For most people when they are going on vacation, they want to use part of it to rest and relax. The information provided here will certainly outline why Blakeny is a wonderful choice for being able to do this.

Good Food and Socialising

Anyone visiting Blakeney is not going to be disappointed in the selection of foods that can be enjoyed here. It is fresh and well prepared and interesting. At the same time, tourists have some wonderful opportunities to socialise with other tourists who are enjoying the different pubs here.

Sight Seeing

For those who love to enjoy what nature has to offer, they have come to the right place. The posts here will outline some of the wonderful things to see here. There are some great choices that will keep everyone entertained.


There are posts here that are going to give some great suggestions about how to choose the right accommodation for them while staying in Blakeney.