An Exciting Food Adventure in Blakeney

When one is visiting a tourist town like Blakeney, they want to enjoy different experiences, on of the most important being the food and culinary experience. There are several of these to be enjoyed in this coastal town of Norfolk.


Of course, being in a seaside town, one would be disappointed if there wasn’t at least one restaurant here that had a selection of seafood on their menu. One can be sure this is not about to happen. What makes this food fare even more exciting is that the fish is provided by the locals here.

Choice of Meat Dishes

When the game is in season tourists enjoying a meal here will find that it is on the menu. At least for some of the restaurants catering to the tourists here.


The restaurant owners in Blakeney realize that not everyone wants a meat dish. To make sure that everyone finds want they want in food here, some of the restaurants have a selection of vegetarian dishes.


A tourist that is visiting any part of the UK is going to want to indulge in at least a few of the many scrumptious desserts. Those that the English are so well known for. The Blakeney restaurants are going to uphold the reputation of the UK’s wonderful choices of sweets. One of many that will be found here is a selection of puddings.


Not everyone wants to sit down to a full meal. During the day, or perhaps later in the evening guests may want to enjoy a glass of wine. Or as an alternative maybe a hot cup of tea. There are plenty of establishments that will be more than happy to serve this.

With so many choices of food fare in Blakeney, it may be a bit of a challenge as to what to choose. It may be worth doing a little planning of where one wants to enjoy their meals throughout a day here.