Making Good Use of Your Time in Blakeney

When people are on vacation they want to make the most of their time. Some want to spend part of their time relaxing. Then they also want to enjoy what there is in the region they are visiting. Blakeney is a perfect place in Norfolk to meet all of the tourist’s needs.

Enjoying the Coast

With Blakeney being a coastal town there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the water. One of the favourits events for tourists here is some of the boat tours. During these excursions on the water particpants get to see the seals and the local birds at their best.

There are a few different establishments that have made boat tours their business. Tourists can decide which they would like to choose. The tours will vary in length.

Seal Trips

For those that are intrigued with seals, then they will want to take one of the boat trips where they can get up close to these magestic animals. It means a visit to Blakeney point which can easily be arranged.

Blakeney Conservation Duck Pond

This is another attraction that Blakeney is very proud of. There is a selection of ducks here that don’t mind tourists observing them as they go about their business.


When tourists have had enough of site seeing they may be ready to sit back and relax. There are some wonderful pubs here that really welcome their guests. Here guests can choose to enjoy a beverage and socialize with the locals and other tourists.


Although Blakeney may be a small coastal town there is no shortage of restaurants of different sizes and styles. Tourists can plan to enjoy a different one each day during their stay here. No doubt there will be some that will want to return to the same restaurant more than once.

It is well worth planning how to spend time here in Blakeney because there is plenty to see and do.